Born 1984 New York, NY | lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

2013 MFA CalArts, Valencia, CA 

2008 BFA Sculpture, Brown University


Solo Exhibitions

Making the rounds (a place to wait), Wilding Cran Gallery, Los angeles, ca

Not Necessarily Necessary, LTD Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag, Central Park gallery, Los Angeles, CA

It Really Ties the Room Together, Gallery A402, CalArts, Valencia, CA

Let Me in, performance at Loop Raum fur Aktuelle Kunst, Berlin, Germany


Group Exhibitions

LA on fire, wilding cran Gallery, los angeles, ca (upcoming)
reprise: american fine arts, an allegory for americas, artmovement la, los angeles, ca
life on mars, current projects, miami, fl
Livin’ a dream reality, marvin gardens, New York, NY

9999, The Fireplace Project, East Hampton, NY
The Magic Hour NO 2, The Magic Hour, Twenty Nine Palms, CA
Stephen Neidich and Steve Hash, Abraham & Sons, inc. Hilde, Los Angeles, CA
My Kid Could Do That, The Underground Museum, Los Angeles, CA
It’s OK, Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles, CA,
Rema Hort Mann Foundation, LA Benefit Art Auction, Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

The Dick Pick Show, Curated by Katie Bowdie, Chimento Contemporary, Los angeles, CA
Detour West, Tin Flats, Los Angeles, CA
Tag Sale + Salad for President Book Launch, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

We The People, Curated by Austyn Weiner, Werkartz, Los Angeles, CA
Berlin Collective, Satellite Art Fair, Miami, FL
Beware of a Holly Whore, 191 HENRY STREET, New York, NY
Rob Pruitt's Flea market, Los Angeles, CA

It’s a Bored Nation, Kunsthalle Projects, New York, NY
The Invitational, Kunsthalle Galapagos, New York, NY
The Undulation of Something Faintly Familiar, Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles, CA

CalArts Graduate exhibition, Mandarin Plaza, Los Angeles
Character Saturation, Coates Wylie, New York, NY

This is all we have in common, Gallery A402, CalArts, Valencia, CA
Eagles II, Galleria Marlborough, Madrid, SP
Art in the Parking Space, Curated by Amanda Hunt, LA><Art, Culver City, CA
You Are Free, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria

Ich hasse das Verfickte Waeschemachen, performance The Company/ Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles, CA
Can't Hear the Revolution, Kunsthalle Galapagos, Brooklyn, NY
New American Values, Altelier Of kreuzberg, berlin, germany

Objects that Love You Back, 211 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY
You are Free, Tape Modern, Berlin, Germany

Waking the Living, SNS, Berlin, Germany
Stephen Neidich & Eric Legris, SNS, Berlin, Germany
Lynchmob, HBC Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Brown Jurored Artshow, Bell Gallery, Providence, RI
Hillel Jurored Artshow, Hillel Gallery, Providence, RI

Lorenzo di Medici Spring Show, Lornezo di Medici, Florence, Italy

Brown Jurored Art show, Bell Gallery, Providence, RI


Selected Press

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Jennifer Remenchik, “Making the rounds (A place to wait).” Curate LA, Medium
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ANDREW BERARDINI, Stephen Neidich and Steve Hash,
GENIE DAVIS, “Weekend Art Spree,” Artillery Magazine

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Stephen neidich's "Not necessarily necessary." at LTD Los angeles.” Blouin art info
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Michael anthony farley, “L.A. Art Diary: Week One.” Art F City

Meg whiteford, "we the people"
Michael Slenske, “Upmarket flea-market: Rob Pruitt's high-art bazaar hits the West Coast.”

wilding cran gallery
939, s Santa fe Avel, los angeles, ca, 90021